Zen Magnets a powerful strong magnets puzzle toy

Zen Magnets

Zen Magnets are basically just collections of small rare earth magnets with diameter size 5mm. Even they are so small and offer only one size 5mm, they are very strong because are made of neodymium. Zen magnets are more powerful then normal magnet which you know as fridge magnet and other ceramic magnets. Zen magnets offer unlimited fun. You can make different shapes, patterns, geometric contruction or any abstract 3D objects infinite variety of amazing possibilities. Play with them when you need to relax your mind or alleviate some stress. Each Zen Magnet is very strong and can hold a half pound! They are made in China.

Zen Magnets products

Zen magnets you can buy with different quantity. Mini set contain 72 magnets. From this set you can make a chain which will long 36cm or some basic shape for example C60 fullerene - the buckyball. More attractive is the packing which contain 216 pcs Zen magnets. Each magnet is strong enough to hold the weight of the whole set. This packing with 216 spheres + 6 free spares will open new dimension in your more complex contruction 2D or 3D. Finaly product is Zen Magnets Mega set which contain 1728 pcs i.e. 8x216 spheres equal to eight Zen sets. Also additional spare sphere are available if you lost some small ball or just wanna have some for more you can purchase some additional spheres.

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