zen magnets vs buckyballs

Zen Magnets vs Buckyballs

I think you must know Zen magnets and Buckyballs that swept the world of toys. If you don’t know. Open your computer quickly and view what Zen magnets and Buckyballs are. You will found that the Buckyballs is a new magnets puzzle on the market which will attract you. Zen magnets spheres are selling on the market more longer time, but their brand is not so very well establish as Buckyballs.

Very often, you might feel that Zen magnets and Buckyballs are the same. They are also round, the same high magnetic. They are good toy and educational toy, they can enhance your imagination and creativity. They are good toy to ease the pressure. All these are so you can easily confuse them.

Then let me tell you about their different. Which is better Zen magnets or Buckyballs. Zen magnets and Buckyballs are a kind of magnetic toy is composed of 216 individual high-energy rare earth magnets. But Zen Magnets come with 6 spares, BuckyBalls come with none. In the volume area Zen Magnets vs Buckyballs both are same diameter size and their spheres are 5mm. Zen Magnets are all the same size, BuckyBalls vary differently - which makes them not sit quite right. And also Zen Magnets are stronger. These are all Zen magnets and Buckyballs differents. I think you have a very clear sense now.

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